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A new digital currency, Escoin, in the face of Corona

    A new digital currency, Escoin, in the face of Corona

    • 2020-10-06 09:22:48
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    A new digital currency, Escoin, in the face of Corona

    Escoin manages digital currency investors in Russia and Europe, and digital currency investments are preferred by global companies, negotiations are underway for the partnership between the two Russian companies in the field of digital currencies, and experts recommend some of them to be careful when dealing with the Escoin currency, and there are expectations of increased demand for it.

    After the emergence ofBitcoin, which owns 57.5% of digital market transactions with a value of more than $ 250 billion, analysts indicated that the feeling of confidence in the Escoin currency will increase its use and become stronger and more solid.

    The thing that distinguishes the Escoin currency is that it has official licenses from the European Union and the State of Estonia, and this adds great value to the company.

    EsCoin's currency structure is based onBlockChainand was designed to be used in global legal services, as its target audience is law firms, lawyers, and individuals dealing in legal services.

    The use of software created with information technologies was the basis for making these transactions more transparent, efficient, and independent of brokers and at a lower cost, thus EsCoin Legal Token ELG will be used as an exchange tool in this system, thanks to the power of PraeLegal an international legal services network, and PraeGOLD, a subsidiary of PraeLegal Gold Mining, EsCoin is expected to start launching market transactions in early December.
    The PraeLegal Services Network is reputed to be the largest legal services network in the world and deals with law firms in 142 countries. The size of the ELG market is expected to reach $ 1.1 trillion in 2021.

    ELG as a tool of exchange in the global legal system has shifted all its attention to the field of digital money, in a period when the Covid-19 epidemic affected the entire world and economically affected countries, Estonia is also leading the digital currency in the fight against the virus. The importance of digital money in the fight against viruses is being expressed across the country. EsCoin has tangible value for money. The participation of its founders in the banking sector gives users of this currency unlimited privacy and great freedom of transactions, as users are able to conduct cash transactions as is the case in physical banking services.